Event Planning 2018

Sourcing Extras for Mari

2018 is unfolding as an interesting year. One of our first jobs was to source extras for "Mari" a film being shot in Sherborne, Dorset. The film, being released towards the end of the year, features the unfolding relationship of a family based in London and Sherborne and includes the Pack Monday Fair which dates back to 1490. The start of the fair is heralded by Teddy Roes band at midnight and our extras were part of the Teddy Roes band for the film. 

Sherborne Literary Festival 2018

This year we were tasked with providing a funkier festival covering a wide scope of subjects. With 100 years of the Women's vote and 400 years since the death of Sir Walter Raleigh it's an eclectic mix of history, comedy, sports and autobiographies.

With speakers ranging from Sherborne Castle's Maria Wingfield Digby discussing her home's previous resident Sir Walter Raleigh, Gill Simms (author of the popular blog Peter and Jane) discussing the trials and tribulations of parenting) to Michael Donkor's thoughtful debut novel about three Ghanaian women learning to make sense of the world they find themselves in, this year's festival was a delightful medley of topics and with 1799 tickets sold we are raring to make next year's festival even better!